Services & Rates

Save when you book lawn mowing and snow removal for a one-year term! Simplify and easily budget for your outdoor chores. Pay one low monthly fee year round and never worry about overgrown grass, piled snow, or making arrangements for when you’re away.

Year Round Property Care:
Never worry about shovelling or mowing again. Let us maintain your property for a low monthly rate.

Lawn Cut and Trim:
Can be booked weekly, bi-weekly, or for vacations. Grassroots will leave your lawn looking great with beautiful lines and a nice trim around your home/paths/deck/fence etc. Clippings can be mulched for nutrience or bagged depending on your preference.

Lawn/yard Watering

Hedge Trimming

Window Washing 

Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Snow Removal

Other Services:
• Boat maintenance
• Boat docking/trailering/moving
• Boat detailing

And much more!

Complete management of your home while you’re there or away.

Security Check:
• Check all window and doors, make sure they are locked and not damaged
• Alarm systems on and operational
• Lights on-off, programmable timers set

Heating System:
• Furnace or Boiler operational
• Thermostat set

Plumbing System:
• Hot water heater operational
• Faucets turned off
• Toilets operational, no leaking

Appliance Check:
• Refrigerator cold,
• Freezer cold,
• Icemaker turned off
• Dishwasher off and emptied
• Range gas-electric off
• Washer turned off, no leaking

Structural Check:
• Snow load on roofs and decks addressed
• Ensure surface water flowing away from structure

Additional Services Available:
Hot Tub Service:
• Maintain chemical balance
• Check Heater and Pump operation

Contractor Service:
• Meet Contractor at home with key, oversee quality of work

General Access Services:
• Meet guests, deliveries, repairmen

Trash Removal:
• Dispose of trash when schedule does not coincide with weekly pick-up

Cleaning Services:
• As specified by owner

Caretaker Service:
• As specified by owner

Opening and Closing of home
• Make home ready for your arrival
• Wash linens and replace
• Tidy up and lock up

For service descriptions, rates and what's included contact us for a quote.