Core Aeration

The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction.  Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow aire, water and nutrients to better reach the root system.  This helps the roots grown deeply and produces a stronger, more vigorous lawn.


If you require spring or fall clean-ups, weekly mowing, fertilizer treatments or any other yard maintenance, we will make it happen!

Spring Clean-up

Removal of all fallen leaves, branches and debris from your lawn, flower beds & shrubs.  Complete power raking to keep your lawn looking good.  Removes excess thatch, lifts and separates and tones your lawn's tired roots.



Starting in the spring we will do an irrigation system start-up to replace  and repair any broken sprinkler heads, We also clean and adjust the sprinkler heads to ensure the best coverage of your greenscape without wasting water and save plants from drying out. We also set-up your irrigation system controller to ensure your yard is getting watered on allowable watering days and at a time where the moisture will do the most good . As part of ongoing maintenance of your system we check monthly to ensure all components are continuing to function as they are supposed to and make adjustments to your watering system as needed.


We will have your yard looking it's best in no time!  Make the most of your summer and have us maintain your lawn.  We will be there to clean up, green up and keep your grass in check!


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