Sod Installation Service in Greenwood

Whether you need your current lawn repaired or you need a new lawn installed, choose Grassroots Property Care for all your sod services. For years, we have been Greenwood’s number one choice for landscaping and lawn care services. We will help you carefully select the right type of sod for your property and ensure that it takes root in the soil. A lush and healthy lawn is just a phone call away.

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Sod Installation Consultation

The success of sod installation depends largely on soil composition and species of grass on your property. Our no-nonsense, fact-based approach begins with a full assessment and consultation. By analyzing the types of minerals and nutrients that make your soil unique, we will be able to select a species of sod that is sure to succeed.

Choosing the right kind of sod may also depend on how the lawn is to be used. Some species of grass are sturdier for multi-use lawns, while others are more delicate. We will work with you to find the sod that will suit your needs best.

Various Sod Options

Although we have access to a wide variety of sod types, we typically install:

  • Kentucky blue grass
  • Perennial rye grass
  • Tall fescue
  • Bermuda grass
  • Zoysia grass

Don’t see the grass species you’re looking for? Don’t worry. As mentioned, we always choose the grass species that is best suited to your property. Call us now to learn more and get an assessment.

Our Lawn Sod Installation Process

When it comes to installing sod, it’s important to remember that we’re dealing with a living plant. To ensure that the sod takes root and is able to get all the nutrients it needs to integrate and thrive in your soil, we follow a field-tested process. Our sod installation process usually follows these steps:

  • Prepare the soil by removing grass, weeds, and other plants
  • Improve the soil by applying fertilizer if necessary
  • Grading and leveling the soil to ensure proper drainage
  • Unroll and install sod according to industry-standard practices
  • Install an irrigation system to encourage rooting and integration

With years of experience and countless happy customers, we are confident that your sod will survive and thrive. Call us now to get a quote on sod grass installation services.

Lawn Care and Sod Maintenance Services

Once the installation is complete, it’s time to encourage rooting. To do this, we offer a range of maintenance services for new lawn installation. Between follow-up visits and aftercare instructions, we aim to give your lawn the best chances for success.

Best Landscaping Company for Sodding Installation

We’ve turned sod installation into an exact science. And with hundreds of happy clients throughout Greenwood and the surrounding area, we are proud to be one of the region’s leading landscapers. Get the lawn you deserve. Get a lawn you can be proud of.

Hire Grassroots Property Care for sod grass installation.